Killer Mike Wants More Police Athletic Leagues, Less Armored Tanks (Video)

Suddenly a de-facto spokesman for a subset of reactions to Ferguson, Missouri, Killer Mike continues to bring his unique, evocative, and thoughtful opinions to the media following the murder of Michael Brown earlier this month.

Mike recently appeared on FOX Business, alongside Kennedy (of ’90s MTV fame). Entering with some powerful blanket statements regarding his name, his arrest record, and his support of the 4th Amendment and the National Rifle Association, the Run The Jewels Rap star moves forward in speaking about keeping police officers safe.

Bigga, whose father and cousin are in the Atlanta Police Department, wants police to have more community engagement through outlets like the Police Athletic League, more than armored tanks, as has been the case with Ferguson’s protests.

Further, Mike demands that community members “know their police” through these platforms. The rapper champions small election voting, and building two-way relationships with departments, especially surrounding rights.

Mike lambasts the local Ferguson Police Chief for the various perceived infractions following the Michael Brown murder, including tear gas on American protestors, fears of moving towards an Occupied state, and why he does not qualify his points and opinions with race.

Did Killer Mike make Hip-Hop proud in a challenging platform?

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