Mick Jenkins Releases a Powerful and Timely Video About a Water Shortage (Video)

The theme of Mick Jenkins upcoming project, The Water(s), is fully flushed out in the Chicago raised MC’s cinematic visuals to his cut, “Jazz.”

Quenching the thirst of the people with his commanding voice, light, dreamlike production sets the scene for Mick to spit his story as a few local hustlers traffic water in the streets where the liquid gold is scarce. The yearning in the eyes of the people is real and it isn’t until an unexpected downpour that the streets finally simmer down.

The video itself, despite it’s fictitious storyline, is a potentially purposeful, yet realistic view into the drought and water shortage problem that is quickly sweeping across the United States. The ideas presented truly hit close to home for Jenkins and other Midwesterners as well given the recent crisis in the town of Toledo, Ohio that has left almost half a million people without proper drinking water.

Who’s thirsty?

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