Planet Asia’s Durag Dynasty & Casual Link Over Raphael Saadiq Co-Production (Audio)

Beyond 2013’s 360 Waves, Planet Asia’s Durag Dynasty lives on. The Fresno, California based group (featuring P.A., Tri-State, and Killer Ben) moves forward with a not-so friendly game of baseball. With rugged, sharp bars in their mission statement, Durag welcomes Hieroglyphics vet Casual to the cypher for “Baseball.” The song charms the mound, and stomps on the bag with some high-posting lyrics.

Interestingly enough, another Bay area O.G. makes the trip with Cas’, in Rapheal Saadiq who co-produces (with Bobby OZ) on this sparse backdrop that lets the lyricists shine the hardest.

D.R.D.’s comedic tongue-in-cheek sports references in the artwork continue…

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