Raekwon Tells A Love Story Over Fantastia’s When I See U (Audio)

With the Wu-Tang Clan, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah have historically had a penchant for storytelling, especially surrounding matters of the heart. As Raekwon’s “TBT” Throwback Thursday series evolves, the Staten Island supreme lyricist has hopped on a variety of love songs, ranging from Luther Vandross backdrops, to those of Teena Marie.

Chef gets as contemporary as he’s gotten thus far, hopping on Fantasia’s “When I See U.” The 2007 #1 R&B chart song was a breakout moment for the “American Idol” season 3 winner, and clearly resonated with Rae. The MC shows that he’s not above pining for tender moments with an object of affection, in this image-driven, detailed set of verses, as “When I See You.”


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