STS & DJ Jazzy Jeff Know How Philly Use To Sound & Bring It Back (Audio)

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Regardless of genre, some cities just have a certain style. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania most certainly is one such place. “The City Of Brotherly Love” has a great deal of harmony and fusion, dating back to the colonial period.

In more recent times, the city—a patchwork of cultures, races, faiths, and customs lives in gridded streets, many of which smell of cooking meat, and have William Penn atop City Hall in the horizon line. From a Hip-Hop Head’s perspective, the groundwork of Schoolly D, Cool C, Steady B, Three Times Dope, and DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince lives on through cutthroat crowds attending shows, a penchant for turntablism, and MCs that always had charisma and edge necessary to navigate tough audiences, ruthless streets, and a knee-jerk inferior complex to New York City.

STS is built in that tradition. The longtime Roots affiliate has made a series of stellar free projects, heating up his profile. Youthful in appearance and subject matter, Sugar Tongue Slim knows his history, and drinks the same water as the giants of the ’80s and ’90s. Joining Jazzy Jeff, Heads can hear it too.


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