There’s a New Spider-Man in Town and He’s Voiced By Childish Gambino (Video)

Back in 2010 there was a high profile social media campaign to have Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) cast as the new Spider-Man. The campaign caught the attention of Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee, who welcomed an audition by Glover for the part. While Glover was not cast for the movie, when Marvel later created an African-American version of Spidey (Miles Morales) as part of their Ultimate Comics: Spider Man series, they acknowledged that the character’s looks, in part, had been influenced by Gambino and his style. Now, 4 years later, Marvel and Gambino have come together to have the talented musician and actor voice the part of Miles Morales/Spider-Man in a forthcoming animated series. Salute to Gambino and the power of social media in this cool culmination of events. Here’s a trailer for Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors featuring Glover as Miles Morales.

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