Big Sources Are Saying That Jay Z & Beyonce Have Collaborative Album Coming

On his new platform, Dash Radio, DJ Skee is doing—rather saying big things. The DJ closely associated with the careers of Game and Freddie Gibbs announced today (September 16) that he has confirmed that husband and wife duo, Jay Z and Beyonce, are at work on an album.

Given a decade-plus of collaborations, a tour, and an HBO special, it only makes sense. However, do you think the move really adds up, if the couple has a multi-platinum track record standing on their own two, respectively (i.e., double the revenues). Plus, can Roc Nation woo Bey’s contract away from Sony?

Do recall though, Jay made two albums with R. Kelly, and he has a penchant for R&B/Pop-divided tracks. Here’s Skee’s trailer:

Think DJ Skee may be burning bridges, if this is true?

Who stands to gain more, Jay or Bey’ from this move?

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