Cypress Hill’s Next Album Will Return To DJ Muggs Production

Sometimes it’s weird when legendary groups stop using their internal, amazing production.

This has happened with the likes of Wu-Tang Clan (RZA), Black Moon (DJ Evil Dee/Da Beatminerz), and Jedi Mind Tricks (Stoupe), among many others. One group that’s not about that life anymore is reportedly Cypress Hill.


The three-man collective of B-Real, Sen Dog and DJ Muggs is bringing Muggs back to the center, according to a new interview with REVOLT.

“It’s been a while since we’ve worked with Muggs on the production end,” B-Real said. “This is gonna be a really good one. It’s been a different process for us, but it’s gonna be slammin.'” B-Real, who recently produced a single for Lil Boosie, added, “It’s great to have DJ Muggs back at the helm of the production. When Muggs, Sen [Dog] and I work together there’s a chemistry between us that brings forth powerful music. It’s going to be ill, man.”

2010’s RISE UP on Priority Records largely involved guest producers, ranging from Pete Rock and Jake One to Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello, with B-Real playing a more active role on the boards than Muggs. 2012’s EP was fully-produced by EDM star Rusko, further distancing the Cypress sound from Muggs, who was in 7A3 before Cypress. Additionally, Muggs launched Soul Assassins, a conglomerate which has included producers such as RZA, Alchemist, Wyclef Jean, and even, at one time, Dr. Dre.

What was particularly interesting is that while Cypress invited guests in, Muggs maintained his signature role for others, working with Apathy, Ca$his, and others during the last five years.

Check the full Cypress Hill interview at REVOLT.

Is this the word Heads needed to hear?

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