DJ Clark Kent Says There Are No Lies On Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt (Video)

After a titillating first chapter, Hip-Hop Wired returns with a second segment of “Off The Record” with DJ Clark Kent. HHW’s Aqua Boogie asks Clark about a more obscure cut, in Mad Skillz’ (n/k/a Skillz) 1995 single, “Move Ya Body.” Interestingly enough, while LL Cool J had hoped to swack “Player’s Anthem” (after the fact) from Junior M.A.F.I.A, The Notorious B.I.G wanted to do the same (before the fact) with Skillz’s “Move Ya Body.”

Hearing “Move Ya Body” for the first time, Biggie Smalls tried to trump his Q-Tip and Large Professor co-signed label-mate (and one of the first guys to work with J Dilla/Jay Dee). Clark held the ground though, and From Where??? remains a cult-praised LP because of it. Moving into Jay Z, Clark also drops an ill anecdote about Mad Skillz considering battling a pre-Reasonable Doubt Shawn Carter and getting held back, for good reason.

Perhaps most interesting, Clark Kent remembers the Reasonable Doubt era. He says that the group of Jaz-O, Sauce Money, and Jay Z made some of the best records he’s ever heard—and why we will never be able to hear them…He also proclaims “there’s no lies on it,” in reference to Roc-A-Fella Records’ first album, Jay’s 1996 masterpiece.

This interview covers as much ground, in different pockets, as Clark’s career has… here’s hoping for more to come.

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