DJ Warren Peace Recalls Why Tupac Broke Broke His Vinyl Records the Night They Met.

Here’s a fascinating piece from Medium about Las Vegas’ infamous Club 662 during the Death Row era. The story, as told in part by DJ Warren Peace, recounts the Suge Knight/Death Row affiliation with the club, the beginnings of the Death Row/Bad Boy feud and why Tupac removed Warren’s records from the turntables and broke them the first night they met. Check out some excerpts and a link to the full story below.

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Here are some excerpts from Medium:

“The dance floor was filling up at Suge Knight’s Club 662, a semi-legal, stand-alone nightclub on Flamingo Road. A local DJ named Warren Peace was manning the turntables, finally getting the party started. The fight was over — Mike Tyson had knocked out Frank Bruno in the third round to win the WBC heavyweight title — and the city was ready to celebrate.”


“Sensing a presence next to him, Warren turned to his right to see a shirtless Tupac Shakur. Pac politely asked Warren to move over, and Warren obliged. As Pac picked up the microphone, Warren mentally prepared for what he thought was an impromptu rap performance. But Pac had something else in mind.

Slowly Pac lifted the tonearm from the first turntable and carefully removed the vinyl. Warren’s heart rose into his throat as he watched Pac reach towards the second platter — the one currently playing “Can’t You See” — and do the same.

The needle lifted. The music stopped. The dancing stopped. Time stopped. Everyone in the building stopped and looked at the DJ booth…” Click here to read the full story.

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