G-Unit With A Live Band? Watch ‘Em. Plus, Check Out A 13-Minute Freestyle (Videos)

Following the G-Unit group’s first retail release since 2008 (The Beauty Of Independence), the quintet is hard at work. For “Watch Me,” the Queens-to-Nashville-to-New Orleans troop hits a warehouse to join a live building. The group continues to charm cameras, delivering bars with precision:

If that’s not enough, the clique stops by Funkmaster Flex to kick a 13-minute freestyle. Tony Yayo’s bars don’t always rhyme, but the Unit under-boss speaks on a lot of controversy, ranging from not getting Dr. Dre beats during the Interscope days to his not speaking with Sha Money XL these days. Of course, Fif comes last—all this on Black Moon and Big Daddy Kane beats:

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