DJ Quik Says He “Masterminded” 2Pac’s All Eyez on Me Album (Video)

The West Coast OG DJ Quik sat down with Sway for one of Quik’s longest interviews in recent memory. Quik touched on a host of topics including the first time he met Suge Knight, his history with Death Row Records (including witnessing some of the infamous beatdowns of artists), why he didn’t sign with Eazy-E, the difficulties with making money from albums in the music business these days, getting out of the hood, why he became a Blood and the repercussions of gang life, his new album The Midnight Life and much more.

Late in the interview (21:35), in a brief but poignant moment, Quik also spoke on the substantial role he played in the creation of 2Pac’s All Eyez on Me album, and the tacit credit he received from Suge for his contribution. Quik also did a performance of his verse from his new song “Fixers.” Check out the video.

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