Dr. Cornel West Arrested At Ferguson Protests On Moral Monday (Video)

Several years ago, Dr. Cornel West of Princeton University opted to make a Rap album. The Ivy League professor, author, and social activist made 2007’s Never Forget: A Journey Of My Revelations, an effort to featured Andre 3000, KRS-One, Black Thought, and Killer Mike, among many others.

Today (October 13), Dr. West’s journey brought him to Ferguson, Missouri. Over three months since the police-killing of teenager Michael Brown goes without the arrest of those responsible, “Moral Monday” began in protest. According to CNN, West was among 10 people who were arrested in Ferguson today following “acts of disobedience” in what is believed to be a nearby parking lot.

West spoke to a reported 2,000 attendees last night (October 12) at St. Louis University campus. During his message, he urged for the arrest of police officer Darren Wilson, who shot Brown multiple times in the street in August. “Everybody knows if you shoot somebody down, you should be arrested,” West declared.

Below is video of the arrest:

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