After Incognito Beginnings, Your Old Droog Is All Up in Your Face (Video)

Your Old Droog is leaving 2014 in a lot better shape than he started it. The elusive underground Hip-Hop MC out of the five boroughs began almost as a myth. Although he’s been running, seemingly unnoticed, in circles for years, the insightful, raspy-voiced spitter was heard more than seen in the Instagram era…so much so that some Heads initially thought it was really Nas in lowkey disguise.

Since that rumor has been put to rest, Droog has been more active in collaborations, and now, delivers a full-blown video for one of his breakthrough moments, “Nutty Bars.”

For the visual, Droog presents a New York that is in sync with his rhymes, and the once incognito MC gives Heads a good look at his mug—for not the last time.

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