Your Old Droog Takes the Stage in NYC and He Looks Like This…(Video)

Your Old Droog took the stage at NYC’s Webster Hall tonight (9/3), ending months of speculation about his identity (including here at AFH). Droog, who released his first EP in June, set the Internet aflame due to his strikingly similar rhyme style to that of one Nasir Jones. That fire was fueled by his choice of samples that reference certain Nas classics, as well as a number of references to people, places and things of the 90’s era, all of which were before the 24-year old Droog would have come of age. Droog took the stage with a dramatic flair, rhyming several bars before appearing. When he did reveal himself, he was definitively and emphatically not Nas. What he turned out to be is a skilled MC with a sizable sense of humor and a healthy respect for Hip-Hop from both the 90’s and the 00’s. Take a look at Droog’s entrance below, as well as a clip of him performing Free Turkey (which draws on the same sample Nas used for “One Love”) where he speaks about the Nas controversy.

Your Old Droog Reveals Himself at Webster Hall

Your Old Droog Performs Free Turkey and Discusses the Nas Controversy

P.S. I owe Bandini a drink…

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