Eminem & Shady Records Plan 66-Song DJ Whoo Kid Double Mixtape

The news surrounding Shady Records’ Shady XV won’t stop getting bigger. As if including a demo version of “Lose Yourself” didn’t sweeten the deal to a ground-swelling Shady cXVpher, it gets better…

In a new Rap Radar podcast with Whoo Kid and Eminem’s manager/Shady CEO Paul Rosenberg, it has been revealed that Em and his Shady imprint have 66 tracks going to a double-mixtape that’s planned for next week. Thanksgiving week just got a whole lot more stuffing…

In the podcast, Heads will learn that the among the 66 songs include Eminem’s version of “Wanksta,” the “Billion Dollar Remix” of 50 Cent’s “I Get Money (Remix),” and other rarities from Obie Trice, etc.


After so many years of Eminem and Shady Recs moving slowly and quietly in the public eye through the roster transitions, is this the ultimate antidote to restore that Anger Management-era excitement?

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