Eminem’s Massive Hit Lose Yourself Began In The Form Of A Fragmented Demo (Audio)

Eminem has handfuls of huge hits. The 8 Mile anthem, “Lose Yourself” is one of Marshall Mathers’ most enduring singles, due to its wide-reaching application to life, beyond its Battle Rap context. However, did you know that the 2002, Academy Award-winning, six-times-platinum #1 hit began as a quirky demo?

On Shady XV (November 24), Eminem and his camp released the demo that has a lot of the unforgettable lyrics and ideas, but not nearly as cohesive as presented by Shady/Aftermath/Interscope later on. This demo is also a rare look inside how Eminem potentially creates, and bends his ideas to fit, especially in that setting as a battle MC.

Here’s Eminem explaining the song, admitting he does not even remember recording it the first time:

What do you think? Is revision the artist’s best friend?

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