GZA Is Quite Precise In This Feature Role On A Funky Rock Remix (Audio)

Los Angeles, California-based Hanni El Khatib has thrived as a singer-songwriter, licensing his funky, Blues-inspired Rock tracks to campaigns for Nike and Nissan, in addition to shows such as “Suits,” “The United States Of Tara,” and “Luther.”

Khatib knows what the people want, in making vibe-driven music. So in remixing his “Moonlight,” El had the ‘genius’ idea of inviting The GZA on to attack the track. Late in the cut, Gary Grice comes in nice, and quite precise to fillet up the track with the signature rasp and presence. Does this call-back to Amy Winehouse and Ghostface’s More Fish foray?


With GZA appearances scarce as of late, is the Brooklyn, New Yorker thriving in left-field looks like this?

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