Imagine Nas Recording The World Is Yours. It Would Look Like This (Video)

Vice has put together a cool concept called Most Valid Reason, in partnership with Sony, where they record artists doing a cappella versions of their songs. For Vol. 1 of the series, they turned to Nas for an extremely minimalist rendition of his classic, “The World is Yours.” Nas is dressed in all black in a black room with nothing but a microphone and a bright red chair. When watching, it feels like you are in the studio with Nas as he is laying down the recording for the first time. As many times as you may have heard this song (likely lots for Heads), watching Nas reel off the words with precision and raw emotion still brings chills. Check out the video.

Here’s what Vice had to say:

“In celebration of Nas’ 20th Anniversary of his debut album “Illmatic”, we got to hang out with him and record his accapella version of “The World is Yours” using our Music Video Recorders from Sony (http: // He nailed it, obviously. Also known as HDR-MV1, or MVR for short, these bad boys are made so the average Joe can shoot a high-quality music video with relative ease. It doesn’t hurt that they record with CD-quality audio (or the always Internet-friendly AAC format) and are accompanied with a 120° wide-angle lens. Not bad. To watch some more music videos shot with these cameras, head over to the link below and tune in to “Most Valid Reason”, an original music video series showcasing a plethora of fine works created using the MVR.”

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