Jon Stewart Looks Back At Premiering The Roots On TV In 1995 (Video)

In the last 15 years, Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” has been a destination for some Hip-Hop-savvy performances. Sitting down with another TV host Head, Jimmy Fallon, Jon Stewart looked across the set at The Roots. Casually, Stewart (who is promoting the new film he co-produced, Rose Water) recalled giving The Roots Crew what is believed to be their first ever national television look nearly 20 years ago on MTV’s “Jon Stewart Show,” with Fallon hittin’ us off with a clip. The appearance was in in support of their sophomore, Do You Want More!???!!? album, which would just miss the Top 100 on the charts back in January of 1995.

Hair styles (and hair colors) may have changed, but Jon Stewart, Black Thought, Questlove, and the others are still here.

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