Who Wants Some Rare Early Cuts From Jay Z, DMX, The Beatnuts & Black Sheep? (Mixtape)

A lot of the would-be Hip-Hop stars of the 1990s put in studio recording work years before their names got hot. Moreover, the artists, their early labels, and teams had to go to risky expense of pressing these moments to wax in hopes of breakin’ even, or perhaps giving them away to DJs and taste-makers in hopes of getting “discovered.”

DJ Bob Di$a$ter owns a good bit of these obscure vinyl rarities. From DMX to Jay Z, Showbiz & A.G. to The Beatnuts, Latee to Black Sheep, Bob amassed some relics from his crates to present $alamder $treet Cata$trophe, a mixtape (named after the source for many more dope mixes of this ilk). With cuts in that 1988 to 1993 five-year pocket, Heads can hear some would-be movers and shakers early in their run, and get a listen of some joints that most certainly aren’t on most iPods, aren’t on Spotify, and you won’t hear in your typical “old school lunch” mix-show:


Props to ego trip! on sharing the goods

The tracklist:

Mixmasta D – Weekend [1993]
Priority One – Showin My Stuff [1988]
DMX – 3 Little Pigs [1991]
Jay Z & 45 King – Drama [Why Freestyle]
Black Sheep – Wax On [1991]
45 King & Louie Louie – Jazz It Up [Instrumental] [1989]
Live N Effect Posse – Soulman [1988]
B.A.D REP – Uphill Piece of Mind [1989]
Bizzie Boys – Turntable Terrorizer [1988]
45 King & Louie Louie feat. Lakim Shabazz – Style Is Free [1989]
No Doz – Preservation Of The Hip Hop Nation [1992]
Sons of Sam – Charisma [Remix] [1993]
Unique – Rage of a Master [1989]
Beatnuts – Fashion Goes Off [1991]
Time Zone – In A Minute [1992]
The New Style – To The Extreme [1989]
Kaotic Stylin – Closer To Your Love [1991]
Latee – Not My Style [1992]
Moe Crazy – Knock Em Out Da Frame [Shoot Em Mix] [1992]
Show & AG – I’m Convinced [1992]

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