You KNOW Bumpy Knuckles Got Bars In DJ Premier’s Studio Booth (Video)

Still waters run deep. Bumpy Knuckles and DJ Premier crossed paths back in 1997, when they recorded a pair of songs with O.C. for Jewelz. The energy stuck, as Bumpy earned the coveted spot on appearing on Gang Starr’s seminal LP, 1998’s Moment Of Truth. On “The Militia,” the artist also known as Freddie Foxxx, to join Gang Starr’s front man Guru and the group’s co-founder Big Shug delivered one of the most menacing singles in recent Rap memory.

Sixteen years, a handful of collaborations, and a full LP (2012’s The KoleXXXion) together, and James Campbell and Christopher Martin still have four fists in the air for that real. In the latest “Bars In The Booth” episode, a verse from Bumpy makes this abundantly clear, with some call-backs to the wild ’90s, and some real-time rawness:

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