Asher Roth Lyrically Bugs Out On Some Cutting Edge Nottz Production (Video)

Asher Roth’s 2014 has been experimental, as has been the case surrounding the last three years of the Bucks County, Pennsylvania native MC. However, it also seems that the now-Def Jam-inked artist has really carved his way back into bending bars, witty wordplay, and thoughtful theses on things. This is what made Asher the subject of a 2008 bidding war, and gave him legions of fans.

Teaming with Virginia Hip-Hop mainstay Nottz, “Rasputin” is a bugged out beat with rhymes to match. The usually bass-driven DMP producer has a beat that’s especially jarring and cacophonous (nobody’s complainin’), while Asher minces his message down to a beat-down of bars. The video also aims to capture this unease, with special effects and distortion:

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