Dr. Dre Named Forbes’ Highest Paid Musician Of 2014 (Video)

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“Either everything is workin’, or you’re workin’ for everything.” – Edo G.

Dr. Dre did not release an album in 2014. In fact, Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment did not release an album in 2014. However, Forbes estimates that the Compton, California 30-year Hip-Hop veteran made more money than any musician in the last year.

Notably, Dre’s electronics namesake, Beats Music (a/k/a Beats By Dre) was sold to Apple for a reported $3 billion deal in May. Although never confirmed, the merger could make the producer/rapper born Andre Young the Hip-Hop genre’s first billionaire. Per Forbes‘ report, the good doctor made $620 million in the year—not bad for a guy who laid relatively low.

Also on the list, considerably more active earners included Beyonce, Toby Keith, Beatles alum Paul McCartney, and Justin Bieber.

Interestingly, Dre’s income is largely separate from much of his 1980s and early 1990s catalog. Dre famously forfeited his publishing as a producer and N.W.A. band mate while at Ruthless Records. In the early 1990s, a Death Row Records co-founder, Dre also resigned his catalog to co-founder Marion “Suge” Knight in 1996, when the two Compton music execs parted ways, as Dre founded Aftermath Entertainment.

Additionally, Dre is believed to maintain revenues attached to the careers of Eminem, whose Shady Records had an especially active 2014.

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