Happy Birthday to Jay Z. Take (Another) Listen to The Brown Album (Audio)

Salute to Jay Z who turned 45 today. To celebrate his birthday, here’s a look back at Kev Brown’s remix project, The Brown Album. As many know, Jay released the a cappella vocals to The Black Album with the hopes that producers take them and create their own spins on songs from what was to be his last album, at the time. The most famous of these remixes was likely Danger Mouse’s Grey Album which meshed Jay’s vocals with reworked tracks from The Beatles’ White Album. A lesser known but equally dope project, however, was Kev Brown’s soulful take called on the tracks. Rather than fuse the album with pre-existing music, Kev virtually produced an entirely new version, infused with his trunk-rattling soul. Take a listen (again) to the tracks and celebrate “December 4th” with the Jigga man (click the image to play).

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