It’s Been 15 Years Spent Waiting. Now We MAY Have A D’Angelo Album Next Week… (Video)

Rumors have been swirling surrounding a third D’Angelo album since shortly after 2000’s Voodoo. Even those rumors are teenagers now, and D’Angelo Heads have sometimes seemed to abandon all hope that the Soul sensation could, or would ever offer up another LP.

Out of thin air, a new album, Black Messiah has been announced. Although a post was made for, the page was pulled moments after media outlets (including picked up on reports. Additionally, a New York City-based listening session is scheduled (at press time) for Sunday (December 14), and one Twitter user posted a photo of the album’s hard copy, claiming that next Tuesday (December 16) will be a sneak-attack release date.


Now managed by former Def Jam Chairman Kevin Liles, a believed-to-be-official video followed:

Could D’Angelo pull this off? Do you believe it to be true?

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