KXNG Crooked Releases the Powerful and Reflective I Can’t Breathe (Audio)

KXNG Crooked (formerly Crooked I) is the latest to step to the forefront of Hip-Hop and speak out against the failure to indict officer Daniel Pantaleo in the choking death of Eric Garner. Crooked starts off softly, meditatively rapping about what he feels is a complete devaluation of the lives of Black men. He asks what Black mothers can tell their sons to explain what is happening and protect them. He also indicts what he believes to be a corrupt penal system. As the song goes on, Crook’s words and voice grow more intense as his anger spills over. The song incorporates both footage of protests, as well as Garner’s last words, and those are the title of the song. “I Can’t Breathe.”


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