Ludacris Slows Things Down & Joins John Legend In A Personal Revelation (Audio)

Ludacris is not an artist typically associated with being highly-personal. The Atlanta, Georgia superstar has built a career by making smash hits for the club and radio, and executing thoughtful concept albums that rely more on theme than revelation.

After taking a hiatus from making a body of solo work, Luda’ appears to have laid a foundation in “In My Life.” From his Burning Bridges EP (December 16, exclusively through Google Play), Chris Bridges hops on a jazzy interpolation, and speaks from his heart. Like T.I. and Outkast have done, Ludacris bemoans the pressures of fame, from lackluster interviews regurgitating the same questions as from a decade ago, and demanding albums, when the MC-turned-actor has been building his film career.

John Legend’s soulful chorus fits this song beautifully.

Do you like this new side of Ludacris? Could Burning Bridges be a winner?

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