Method Man Is In Full, Raspy Form On A M-Dot Ensemble Cut (Audio)

Boston, Massachusetts MC M-Dot has earned a spot in the industry working with highly-respected MCs such as M.O.P.’s Billy Danze, Kool G Rap, and Masta Ace. After a series of strong underground Hip-Hop LPs, M links with Double-M in the form of Method Man.

“Shine” features Clifford Smith wasting no time cutting into the hard-drum track, delivering the kind of verse that would have gone straight to radio in the Tical 2000 days. M-Dot extends the benchmark collaboration even further, Columbus, Ohio’s Dominique Larue—who will make you remember her name with a fly display in the middle, before the Beantown rapper does just that on “Shine.” Singer Katy Gunn brings the cut to a rich fullness, making this the kind of song that has album-worthy polish, and makes all of its artists look their best.

This may go down as Meth’s brightest moment in 2014, a year that was active for the Wu-Tang Clan star.


In 2015, is Method Man one of the veteran MCs in a position to deliver his best work?

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