YG Has a New Album Coming. Here’s the First Single (Audio)

Many believe YG has an album of the year contender with My Krazy Life (but not the Grammy Awards). With it’s club and car-friendly beats and raw, unfiltered lyrics, he and DJ Mustard established a new Cali sound for a new era in Hip-Hop. Not one to rest on his laurels, YG is already on to the next one and has released the first single from his forthcoming album, Blame It on the Streets. Lyrically, YG is as hardscrabble as ever. Sonically, however, DJ Mustard has gone in a new direction. Gone are his trademark “hay hay hays” during the chorus. There is no melodic bass line. There are no drums…In fact, there is not even a “Mustard on the beat” tag up top. All that remains are sparse high end keys and YG’s resolute self-confidence that he is among the elite MCs of the day. Check out “2015 Flow.”