D’Angelo’s One-Hour 2014 AFROPUNK FEST Performance, In Full (Video)

After a career that could be described as largely dormant for more than a decade, 2014 was the great wake-up for D’Angelo’s output. While the closing month of the year afforded musically-starving fans with a third album in Black Messiah, August was incredibly telling. It was then that the Richmond, Virginia singer and Soulquarian took the stage at Brooklyn, New York’s AFROPUNK FEST, joined by The Roots, and tore things down.

After segments hit the Internet, this past week afforded fans who were not in Kings County to see the full 55-minute in high quality. With compelling lighting, great sound, and Questlove backing him, this was a pivotal moment in D’Angelo’s career, and something that Heads may be coming back to:

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