Jhene Aiko Shows Off Her Many Personalities In “Spotless Mind” (Video)

The Grammy-nominated Jhene Aiko has just released a new music video for her Souled Out single, “Spotless Mind.” While the song is about her wandering on her own through life, constantly changing, the video shows her with a love interest (her real-life child’s father O’Ryan) who just can’t keep up, despite his best efforts. The video shows Jhene in a one-sided relationship, as she uses her man for her own enjoyment in different scenarios rather than having a mutual enjoyment of each other. We get to see her as a playful skateboarder, an aggressive gamer, a wine-drinking diva, and a dominatrix, among other things.

While Souled Out was released past the deadline for this year’s Grammy Awards, Jhene Aiko’s previous release, Sail Out is nominated for Best Urban Contemporary Album, from which “The Worst” is nominated for Best R&B Song.

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