Lupe Fiasco “Delivers” On Late Night With Seth Meyers (Video)

Grammy Award winning artist Lupe Fiasco hit the stage for Seth Meyers’ Late Night on NBC to perform his latest single, “Deliver,” to a live studio audience.

Lupe, who despite his waxing and waning relationship with Atlantic Records, was able to digitally release his long awaited album, Tetsuo & Youth, just two short days ago. The 16 track project is chocked full of cuts inspired by his experiences growing up in the Windy City’s West Side and “Deliver” is no different. Fiasco’s lyricism passionately delves into the cultural and political deprivation of the people from the Ghetto in which he was raised, a place where even the pizza man won’t come around anymore due to the violence, poverty, and social stigma that is served up with it.

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