M.O.P. & Maino Cinematically Show You The Brooklyn They Love (Video)

As 2014 year-end lists flood the Internet, magazines, and more…one Hip-Hop album that seemingly deserved more recognition is M.O.P.’s Street Certified. Billy Danze and Lil Fame’s first foray with Nature Sounds Records brought in DJ Premier as an executive producer, without simply aiming to push the Mash Out Posse back into their mid-to-late 1990s pocket.

Rather, M.O.P. moved forward, and dabbled with new sounds, still nodding towards the music that influenced them. One of the more evolved offerings is “Welcome 2 Brooklyn.” Featuring onetime Lil’ Kim protege Maino, this track’s video shows the whole Brooklyn, and counters the notions that the borough has drastically changed in the post-9/11 New York. Fame, Bill, and Maino show all sides of their beloved home, including some footage from a drone-camera. The production value is strong, and the lyrics to the song (following M.O.P.’s longtime bond with Jay Z, and more) light the path:

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