Nitty Scott Discusses Feminism, Her Bisexuality, And Past Relationship w/ Kendrick Lamar (Video)

Nitty Scott is an MC who has always been about her art, but fans may have noticed in recent months she has been showing off her body and a sexier wardrobe on social media. In a new interview on Hot 97 with Ebro and Rosenberg, she decided to address this and get into a larger discussion about feminism in Hip-Hop. They start the discussion specifically with Nitty, and how her art hasn’t been compromised by her look, then get into the broader discussion of the imbalance between men and women in Hip-Hop in regards to their ability to express themselves (12:00). She later opens up a little about her bisexuality (21:00), her past relationship with Kendrick Lamar (27:00), and of course drops a dope freestyle (31:30). There’s some buzzworthy material here, but it’s also an important discussion Heads need to hear.

FYI: The Instagram picture shown at 16:30 is from a visual album Nitty is planning to release to accompany The Art Of Chill.
UPDATE: The Sprite campaign Nitty mentions at the end of the interview can be found here. It features an interview about her experience living in Brooklyn.

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