Spotlight: Salomon Faye Brings “Luv” To Hip Hop & Gets It In Return (Video)

Salomon Faye may be under the radar for now, but given the quality and originality of tracks like “Luv,” he’s going to have a hard time staying undetected. For those that feel the passion of spoken word and the fire of hot metaphorical bars, Salomon Faye delivers both in this dope heater featuring the sensual accent of Raveena’s vocals.

A big part of what makes “Luv” resonate is the message conveyed by Salomon Faye and the clarity in which he projects it. The track itself is an involuntary head bob, and the interconnect between the music and Salomon Faye’s monotone flow mesh together with power, passion and grace.

There’s a lot of shine coming out of this work, and the video delivers the shine without fail.

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