See Some Rare, HQ & Vintage Footage Of The Funky 4 + 1 Rockin’ (Video)

One of the many things in Hip Hop today that takes a track to the next level is the artist video. It provides the MC or group with exposure of not only the voice and production, but gives the audience a face to put along with it. We often take such a basic concept of video for an artist for granted. It’s become commonplace, so to speak.

Can you imagine when it wasn’t commonplace? As keepers of the faith in Hip Hop culture it is important that not only do we keep sacred the music itself, but also the footage that goes along with it. The Funky Four + 1 (a/k/a Funky Four Plus One More) are not a group that enjoyed the era of the music video, or even the personal video. However, the Bronx bombers’ impact upon Hip-Hop is huge and, in rare instances, it was captured on film. Their “Live At The Kitchen” show was recorded on November 22, 1980… a year before the birth of the Sony Camcorder. The show documents the artists while still in their youth, as they were establishing their name and brand for the New York Hip-Hop movement that was in its nascency.

The footage from this video provides a good look at the fashion of the time with the young pioneer “Sha-Rock” aka “+ 1” looking like she’d just left from school and went straight to the stage and the mic. There are no big budgets, no production team, no lighting and no make up…. Just raw and uncut video that was live and direct at the time—and newly available today in HQ, thanks to ego trip!, and Monk Uno.

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