Snoop Dogg Makes 2015 Funktafied With A Dam-Funk & Daz Dillinger Double-Take (Audio)

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It’s always a celebration for Snoop Dogg. Tha Doggfather brings in the new year by heating up one of his many, many side projects. 7 Days Of Funk brought Snoop to Stones Throw Records to link with producer/vocalist Dam-Funk for a retro, free-form 2013 Funk project that brought each Southern California artist to a new pocket of fans to appreciate their work.

For a new two-sided single, Snoop brought his cousin Daz Dillinger from Tha Dogg Pound with him, along with Shon Lawon. “N My System” has that early ’80s West Coast Funk flavor, perfect for convertibles, Sunset Boulevard cruising, and warm nights. Daz uses his booming vocals, and a faster flow, sounding good 20 years after Dogg Food.

“It’s Not A Secret” is a bit more aggressive. The song bemoans an angry spouse, who is running some side action. This song feels out of 1996’s Tha Doggfather wheel-house, which featured Daz and Charlie Wilson extensively.

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