The Beastie Boys & Nas Unearth A 5 Year-Old Visual That Hasn’t Aged A Day (Video)

It was a major affair back in 2009 when the Beastie Boys and Nas released the spiking commentary track “Too Many Rappers.” The Def Jam superstars of 1986 teamed with the critical label acquisition of 2006 in a song that was appropriate for the times. Released on vinyl, and also sold digitally, the classically-structured rhyme routine was fully legit.

Two years later, an amended “New Reactionaries” version appeared on the Beasties’ most recent LP, Hot Sauce Committee (Part Two). However, the two-year-old single seemingly took a backseat to the star-studded video breakthrough of “Make Some Noise.” Sadly, attentions shifted when the Beasties’ Adam “MCA” Yauch’s cancer worsened, tragically taking the MC’s life 13 months after Hot Sauce Committee (Part Two) released.

Well, wouldn’t you know, sometime between 2009 and 2011, the Capitol Records superstars and Nasty Nas cut a video? Few people knew that, until today (January 12, 2014), it surfaced. Notably, the setting brings the NYC trio back to the grocery store, a setting they used 25 years ago on “Shake Your Rump.”

For Nas, and for Beasties, this is a special moment that gratefully gets new legs through this welcomed digital treat:

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