J-Live Salutes All The O.G. Mixtape DJs On Impacting His Direction (Audio)

J-Live is a lover of concept. A DJ (and producer, and MC), the triple-threat honors the DJ, which predates the MC, on “Red & The Kid.” The song title is a tribute to DJ Red Alert and Kid Capri (as forever attached thanks to Greg Nice’s booming voice). Justice recalls his own beginnings, and how Hip-Hop mixtapes (when still on cassette) would ultimately hip him to the records that made the crates, and influenced the rhymes he in turn, wrote.

For physical mixtape-buying Heads of the late ’80s, 1990s, and early 2000s, some of the mentions of names, the total experience, and the flavor will surely resonate.

His Own Self in just less than a month (March 17).

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