KRS-One Followed Up “I Got Next” With This Domingo Track. Unheard, Until Now (Audio)

1998 was an interesting transition year for Hip-Hop legend, KRS-One. The Bronx MC/producer was one year removed from his highest-charting (#3), gold solo album, I Got Next. Still signed to the same Jive Records that he’d worked with for much of Boogie Down Productions’ later work, Blastmasta had an A&R executive position at Hollywood’s Capitol Records, and was still a mainstay at D&D Studios in New York City. Things were great for the iconic Teacha.

It would take four years for Kris to follow-up I Got Next. When he did so, the MC was among the first Hip-Hop acts to go to Koch Records (eOne Entertainment), and release The Sneak Attack. However, in the interim, he was still working. Domingo (who worked prominently on The Sneak Attack) shares one such creation, “The Last Compound.” A stream of consciousness lyrical brigade, the record was very telling of the improvisational style that KRS-One favored after leaving the traditional label system. It’s got that bite that made KRS the major counter to the mainstream in the late ’90s.

You know it’s 1998, when you hear KRS make mention of the short-lived Keenan Ivory Wayans late-night talk show.

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