KRS-One Says He Cannot Make Money In America, Discusses Hip-Hop’s Global Impact (Video)

KRS-One interviews are a bit scarce in 2015. The archetypal MC tours extensively, and gives limited audiences these days. However, the Boogie Down Productions co-founder recently opened up with VladTV on a number of current and historic issues, which are now unfolding through the video segments.

In the latest, KRS asserts Afrika Bambaataa’s role in defining Hip-Hop through “Peace, Unity, Love, and Having Fun” dating back to the 1970s. The fellow Bronx, New York native stresses that Bam drove (and drives) this issue at critical times, whether linking with Hip-Hop forefather James Brown in the early ’80s, or inspiring KRS-One’s own Stop The Violence Movement through a 1987 summit at New York City’s Latin Quarters club.

At around 6:30, KRS-One, making a segue from Bam’s global visions, speaks about his own experience. Using Switzerland as an example, Tha Teacha stresses that Swiss governments have come to embrace Hip-Hop, indicative of the graffiti, breakin’, and more in the streets. Kris says this is true of many European countries, and elsewhere—including Australia. Then, Kris speaks for himself and states that the United States does not respect him, forcing him to make his earnings overseas. The iconic MC states that it’s not the Heads (or “people”) but the institutions, that force Grandmaster Flash, DJ Kool Herc, and Afrika Bambaataa (three of Hip-Hop’s stated pioneering DJs) to rely on overseas to support themselves, while government fails to honor them.

Do you think KRS-One has a point?

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