KRS-One Says Hip-Hop is a Culture with Pre-Historic Roots (Video)

This is sure to be polarizing. KRS-One has been one of the staunchest advocates of Hip-Hop culture for the last few decades. Over the years, the former Boogie Down Productions MC has written a book called The Gospel of Hip-Hop and founded the Temple of Hip-Hop, whose mission is to maintain and promote Hip-Hop culture.

Kris recently sat down with Vlad TV who asked him about the unwillingness of several sociologists to recognize Hip-Hop as a true culture. KRS proceeded to give a sixteen minute lecture about why not only was Hip-Hop a culture with pre-historic roots, it was also a new civilization. Whether or not you subscribe to his views, as always, KRS provides some fascinating Edutainment. Check out the video.

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