Raekwon Explains Ghostface’s Biggie Diss on The Purple Tape. Goes Deep on Wu History (Video)

After more than 20 years in Hip-Hop, Raekwon has some stories…lots of them. He sat down with Sway and had as deep of a conversation as you will ever hear from the Wu-Tang Clan killer bee. The OGs covered a lot of ground, starting with how the Wu changed the record business by retaining the ability for each member to sign his own record deal outside of the group (2:45).

They also spoke extensively about the early history of Wu-Tang Clan (4:45) and the genesis of Rae’s solo career (6:30). That lead to a conversation about “Verbal Intercourse,” Raekwon’s collaboration with Nas on Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, and how two London women opened Rae’s eyes to Nas’ talent (9:30). They also had a candid conversation about how Raekwon and Ghostface Killah’s loyalty to Nas lead to Ghostface’s infamous thinly-veiled diss of the Notorious B.I.G. on “Shark Ni**as” came to pass (13:00).

As the discussion progresses, Heather B asks Raekwon about Eric Garner’s death, given Rae’s ties to Staten Island, where Garner died (17:00). Raekwon takes on a different level of seriousness as he details the conversations he’s had with his children about Garner’s death and how to conduct themselves in the presence of the police.

Rae touches on a litany of topics over the remainder of the interview, including Drake’s Wu-Tang Forever Remix which was supposed to feature the Wu (23:30), his conversations with LL Cool J (27:00), his new F.I.L.A. album (31:00), the disappointment with Wu-Tang Clan’s A Better Tomorrow Album (34:00), his complicated relationship with RZA (38:45), physical altercations between the Wu (44:30) and much more. Check out the video.

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