Watch Wayne Brady SMASH This Sway Freestyle on the Craziest Topics (Video)

Wayne Brady is an unbelievable talent. The comedian/actor/singer/host/MC returned to Sway in the Morning to promote his recent gig as host of BET Honors. Though he is not a full-time rapper, Brady is known for his ability to get busy on the mic, “off the top.” In fact, Brady was one of the first to ever do Sway’s acclaimed 5 Fingers of Death freestyle series.

Last year, Brady shamed 95% of MCs with his outstanding Sway freestyle, but could he do it again? The answer is an emphatic YES. Not only did he flow over classic beats from Run-D.M.C., Black Star, Arrested Development and more, he also took on the craziest topics. As Wayne rhymed, Sway fed him subjects like “Bill Cosby,” “Eddie Murphy’s SNL Return,” and “Bruce Jenner’s Sex Change,” and Wayne took it all in stride. Unlike most MCs, instead of just rhyming the topic with some random words, Brady actually concocted full commentaries about each subject that were pertinent and funny. But he didn’t stop at just rhyming about the people. He often simultaneously did impersonations…again, all impromptu. All told, this is mind-blowing.

Take a look at the greatness that is Wayne Brady.

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