A Fan Gets On Stage To Try & Battle A Geto Boy? Willie D’s Not Havin’ It! (Video)

Back in year 2000, the Geto Boys were on one of their many hiatuses. However, the famous lineup of Scarface, Willie D, and Bushwick Bill were all busy pursuing their own solo interests. ‘Face was hard at work on Last Of A Dying Breed, his final Rap-A-Lot Records LP before making a brief, super successful bounce to Def Jam for The Fix. Bushwick Bill was making moves on Noo Trybe Records, recording what would become his fourth solo LP, Universal Small Souljah.

As for Willie, the boisterous MC made his first solo LP since 1994. Loved By Few, Hated By Many would release in October of Y2K. The album boasted involvement from Lil Wayne, Pimp C, and Scarface, with production by Mike Dean and 2Pac collaborator Hurt-M-Badd. Eventually debuting on the Top 200, Loved By Few… served as a reunion after a tumultuous relationship with his 15-year label. After Willie withdrew from the GB’z in the 1990s (replaced by New Orleans, Louisiana MC Big Mike), he was back breaking bread with J. Prince.

Around this time, Willie hit the road, including a stop in Cleveland, Ohio. The veteran Houston, Texas Rap pioneer delivered what appears to be a signature strong show. This is when he invited a fan to come on stage and kick a lil’ something. So how about when the young guy with the mic decides to try and score some points on the O.G.? The budding MC starts to battle the platinum vet, and Willie absolutely loses it.

However, instead of getting violent (as Willie D was a professional boxer at the time), the Geto Boy gets even:

How would your favorite rapper handle something like this?

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