Willie D Vs. Grandmaster Melle Mel Boxing Match (Video)

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To anybody who’s ever learned everything about this early ’90s (1992?) short-lived rapper boxing league, finding some footage is priceless. This is some two-plus minutes “Yo! MTV Raps” b-roll footage of Geto Boys O.G. Willie D fighting Grandmaster Melle Mel (of Furious Five fame).

It goes without saying, these men are two of my favorite MCs that ever walked this Earth. Tough, soulful, and skilled in the trade of smashing words together with style and finesse. Melle Mel’s role in “The Message” may be single-handedly responsible for my unbreakable bond with Hip-Hop, so please don’t take it as a cheap laugh, when I point out that “Wille Handz” (as he’s known to some of us) hit him with the T.K.O.

Bumpy Knuckles, Tim Dog, and a few other Rap-A-Lot Records hopefuls (J. Prince doubled as a boxing promoter for a long time) were there when this went down. Salute tough-guy rap.

If rappers did this today… nah, don’t even get me started.

Props to Unkut.com for the find.

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