Action Bronson & Chance The Rapper? Mark Ronson Makes It Work (Audio)

From Wale to Rhymefest, Bruno Mars to Ghostface Killah, Mark Ronson is gifted in pushing musicians to their outer limits. For Mr. Wonderful (March 24), Action Bronson called upon the British producer who was once a Roc-A-Fella Records affiliate.

“Baby Blue,” featuring Chance The Rapper is not far from the Bronson play-book. The song is aimed at an ex who did the MC wrong, and features wise cracks, raunchy imagery, and the kind of symbols traditionally heard on a Bam Bam track. However, the melodic moment finds the Queens, New York sensation singing, and rapping succinctly along a catchy beat. Chance comes in at the closing with a really coherent, mean-spirited ah-ha moment verse that anybody who’s ever been done dirty should find resonating…


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