Alright, Stop What You’re Doing…The Muppets Do the Humpty Dance (Video)

Digital Underground have proudly boasted “No Nose Job” in their funky Hip-Hop run since the late 1980s. If there’s somebody who can say the same, it’s Gonzo from The Muppets franchise. Kermit The Frog’s slippery sidekick has a few things in common with the D.U. For starters, both are all about “chicks,” and both can use words “that don’t mean nothin’.”

IsThisHowYouGoViral—as they like to do—took Digital Underground’s December 1989 platinum hit, “The Humpty Dance” and mashed it up with footage of Gonzo. This hit the web yesterday (March 30) and grabbed lots of love. Most of the visual stuff comes from “The Muppet Show,” which aired in 1976-1981, kicking the franchise off with massive momentum. Steve Martin, Richard Pryor, and Paul Simon were among some of the guests on the TV start. Similarly, Shock G and Digital had would-be stars running with them like 2Pac, Saafir, and Numskull (from Tha Luniz).

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