Big Daddy Kane Names His List of the Greatest MCs of All-Time. Who Made the Cut? (Video)

“Me, KRS and Rakim changed the whole way people rhymed…”–Big Daddy Kane

Big Daddy Kane is widely considered to be one of the greatest MCs of all-time and, for many, he is the GOAT. So, when Kane speaks about his list of Hip-Hop’s best lyricists, it takes on a different level of credibility. In another installment from Kane’s sit down with VLAD TV, he was asked to name his Top 3 MCs, excluding himself. When put to the test, Kane simply could not leave himself out of the top 3 because, in his words, “I’m so ____ing dope.”

Kane named his peers Rakim and KRS-One as part of his Hip-Hop holy trinity and went into great detail as to why each earned his place in the history books. He also said it was too hard to name just three MCs and proceeded to list six other artists who he believed were among Hip-Hop’s greatest lyricists. Check out the other MCs he named and the reason for his quote above.

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